Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Night at the Improv

Shrike's off work today (she worked Monday) so this evening, she took Peeper over to her parents for a little visit, while I stayed home and did not have a poor, sick, whiney child on me.

(So I could properly enjoy being a poor, sick, whiney Mama.)

I have it on good authority that during a diaper change, with Eena and Papa in attendance, Peeper recited a new little poem that she'd just made up. A variation on a theme, if you will:

Little Miss Vulva,
Sat on a vulva
Eating a vulva


  1. Did along come a vulva, sit down beside vuvla, and frighten Miss Vulva away?

    (And did Eena and Papa, maybe, hopefully, just perhaps, not understand her?)


  2. I asked about that, when she recited it for me, during dinner. She just collapsed into giggles at that point. Shrike didn't seem to remember there being any more of it.

    And, yeah, I suppose it is entirely possible that they didn't catch it at all, it's not their term of choice (They have no term of choice.) so, even with the context right there, it might not have "clicked" for them.

    Mommy sure understood it, though!

  3. Love!! At home our term of choice is a va-jay-jay, and my daughter calls it a Jay jay. This morning while I was in the shower, and my partner was helping her use the potty, I heard her ask if her other mommy had "a clean jay-jay too."


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