Saturday, September 3, 2011

Big Girl Party

This evening, Peeper and I went to her first official kid-invite-kid birthday party, at Chuck E. Cheese's. G (daughter of Ms. D from MOMS Club, and Mr. J the firefighter) turned 4, and D tells me that when she was planning the party, G specifically listed Peeper as one of the kids that she wanted to invite.

(They like her! They really like her!)

This was also her first Chuck E. Cheese experience, and of course, she loved it.

She played some games and rode some rides.

Mama? See dat big wed dog? Dat's Cwiffud!

She say at the big kids table (for a while) and ate pizza. (No, she's not photoshopped into this photo, I've just blurred the other kids.)

Then Chuck E. came out!

And put a crown on the birthday girl, and danced with her.

Finally, the part she'd been waiting for!

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