Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wake-Up Call

Yesterday morning, at 7:55, Peeper decided that it was time to get up, and was in the process of crawling out of bed.

I thought that if she'd just lie still and nurse for a while, she'd go back to sleep, and I really wanted even a few more minutes.

So, I showed her the clock, and said, "It's not time to get  up yet. You see that number seven? When it turns into an eight, then we can get up."

It sort of worked, because it was about 8:15 before she informed me that it had "turned into an eight" and I had to make good on my compromise.

So, this morning, at 8:02, out of the blue, she pops up and says "I want to get up. It turn into a eight!"


Tonight, when we were nursing in what is now known as "the big bed," on our first attempt at bedtime, I told her, "You know, wake-up time isn't the same every day. Tomorrow's wake-up time is when this number turns into a nine."

She seemed to buy it, so I took it a step further, and asked "Would you like me to put a note on the clock with the number it has to be for wake-up time, each day?" and she told me to do it.

You like how I wrote it in "clock font" so there's no confusion?

Of course, now that we've got things blocked off and the bedroom doors open, I guess the next step is convincing her that she can get up and play quietly while we sleep. Wish us luck on that one!


  1. The clock thing sounds great!

    Maybe once the various changes settle in, you could work out something like, if she wakes up before such and such time, she is to tell Mama/Mommy, then she can play quietly doing such and such, until time for Mama/Mommy to get up. That way you know she is up and can doze with one ear open for a little while longer.

    Having a covered bowl with Cherrios or something handy so she could have a bit of breakfast might buy you some extra time too. Ask Anonymama why Sugar Smacks are a bad idea though.


  2. So, it's past 9:00... How did it go?



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