Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sound Asleep


  1. Did she wake up a bit and climb back in? About the s'mores, my sister-in-law uses chocolate chips instead of a chocolate bar, since the bar doesn't always melt too well even with the hot marshmallows on it. She toasts the marshmallows, rolls them in the chips, which melt right away, and then puts the whole shebang between the graham wafers.

  2. Nope, but I was able to scoop her back up into the bed without waking her.

    At camp, for a while, we were being given choc chips for smores, but never thought to roll the toasted marshmallows in them. We just ended up feeding most of them to the ants when they rolled off the graham crackers!

  3. Anon's SIL is obviously a s'more savant. Although, are they Hershey chips? 'Cause proper s'mores must be Hershey.



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