Sunday, August 28, 2011


This morning, Peeper was helping me to make some scrambled eggs and toast, sitting on the counter, playing with several breakable thigns that I'd rather she not be playing with, while I cooked.

As I was finishing up and buttering the toast, she tried to give me the empty sugar bowl, saying "Here, got some more butter for you, Mamaaaa!"

I went to take it, but we fumbled the hand off, and it plummeted, oh, maybe three inches, to the counter top and broke. She grabbed a big, broken piece, but I got it away from her and got her off the counter.

Shrike got her out of the room while I cleaned it up, and as I was finishing, I heard her saying "What's that on your face? Is it blood?! Oh, it's from your hand!"

Well, it turned out to be a tiny cut on her finger, which earned her another bandaid, so she wasn't too bothered by it.

This is the third time in her life (and the second time in a few weeks) that she's cut a finger, and I think she's yet to feel anything when it's happened.

Some day, it's actually going to hurt when she hurts herself and she's going to be quite surprised.

Her scrambled eggs were in the freezer cooling off when it happened, so I got her set up to eat, but I tossed my eggs and made new toast, out of an abundance of caution for flying shards of glass.

What I didn't do, however, was even think about the possibility of glass on the floor. Until I felt a piece go into my foot.

I had to walk several steps before I could sit down and check it out, and by the time I was able to look, I couldn't see the glass itself, but I wasn't sure if it was still somewhere in the floor, or still somewhere in my foot.

I called for Shrike, but she was in the bathroom, none to happy that I was interupting her (she had no idea what I'd done). Peeper tried to help, by calling "Mommy! Come fix Mama's toe!"

When she came out and saw what was going on, she was properly sympathetic and brought me the tweezers, and even offered to try to find the glass, but I wasn't about to let her touch it.

The cut was tiny, so my only concern was the possibility that the glass was still in it. I decided to just clean it up and wait to see if it got better or worse over the course of the day.

I took a nap, and it wasn't hurting at all while I was off of it, but when I got up and started walking on it, it was definitely worse than before, and with some steps there was a sharp pain, which made me more suspicious that there was still something in there.

I'd about decided to try calling for a doctor's appointment first thing in the morning, when Shrike suggested that I go to the new urgent care facility, which I'd heard pretty good things about.

By the time I got there and told my story, I was feeling pretty stupid about making such a big deal about it, but when the doctor took a look, using the big magnifying glass, she immediately said, "Oh yeah, there it is!"

What? I wasn't imagining it? I really do have something worthy of medical attention? Well, whaddya know about that.

She said that she'd try to get it out without hurting me too much, but if she couldn't get it, she'd have to numb it up. It didn't take long for both of us to realize that numbing was going to be necessary.

The shot itself hurt much worse than her preliminary poking, but I'm sure it wasn't as bad as what was required to actually get to the glass, so I guess it was the right way to go.

Once it was numb, and she could do God knows what to it (at that point, I was lying on my tummy and couldn't see what was going on) it only took a minute to get the glass out. She showed it to me, and from what I could tell with my old, farsighted eyes, it was tiny and definitely from the cobalt sugar bowl.

Then she put some antibiotic ointment on it and way more bandage that seemed necessary and sent me on my way, with instructions to come back on Tuesday for a tetanus shot, since I haven't had one since 1985.

(They're out of the shots, and expect a shipment on Tuesday. There will be no additional charge, because today's copay will cover it.)

When I got home, Peeper was quite impressed with the bandage. She kept saying "It's okay if I touch it?"

I guess it was pretty impressive.

It started hurting again when the anesthetic wore off, but I don't think it is as painful now as it was when the glass was in it, and Tylenol seemed to help a bit. I should probably go take some more now.

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    Was it you or your big sister who once broke something, got a small shard in the foot, sat down to take it out, crossed your(her) legs to reach the glass and swept it over the calf of the leg. Thek original stick was minor, but the cut required several stiches. Glad that this has been fixed. And without Anonydaddy to fis it!


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