Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Builder Girls

Last week, Target was running a sale on this toy shelf that I've been wanting for ages, so I talked myself into getting one. Peeper and I put it together this afternoon, and once she got over some sort of stress about not wanting the rods attached to the sides, or wanting the screws somewhere else, or I-really-want-a-nap-and-Mama-won't-let-me-have-one, she really was a big help.

Amazingly, we did not lose any screws.

This is what she wanted to do with the rods. She learned this trick from a "Global Grover" video about Chinese acrobats. Seriously.

She put the screws in the holes for me.

When the rods were all connectect to one of the end pieces, she kept walking in and out of them, say that it was her ". . . karate class, just like Give a Cat a Cupcake." I'm pretty sure she meant "treadmill." If you've read the book, that might make sense to you. 

On a related note, Shrike's sound effects of a kitty taking a karate class are hilarious. "Mee-OW! Mee-YOW!" complete with kitty-paw karate chops. Peeper doesn't really get that either. She tells me "Say 'MeOW,' Mama. Wave your hands around, Mama!"

The hard part is done.

The finished product. It seemed like there were more toys in this corner yesterday.

The best part was when she walked back into the room later, evidently having forgotten about it, and said, "OH!" when she saw it sitting there.

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