Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Peeper and I visited an alpaca farm with the MOMS Club this morning.


First, we got to see and feel some products made from alpaca fiber. Peeper is checking out a skein of yarn.

Then this lady showed us how to spin the fiber into yarn.

Finally, we visited with some mamas and babies in the field, and fed them.

This one gave Peeper a kiss, right on the mouth. Of course, no one caught that on camera.

This one. This is the one I wanted to bring home. Wouldn't he look great in Peeper's room?

This one was pretty sweet, too. She was very tame, having been bottle-fed after a traumatic birth. (Mama survived, but wasn't doing well, and her milk didn't come in well. She's now retired from baby-having and will just concentrate on hair-growing.)

There he is again!

This is T's daughter feeding him, and the little girl hiding behind the hay is our firefighter friend's daughter.

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