Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hot Child in the Small Town

As I mentioned earlier, we got out of the house as soon as we could get our act together this morning (11 am).

Shrike and Peeper visited with Eena and Papa, while I hung out at Panera and got some work done. Then Shrike dropped Peeper to me and headed to work, while we had lunch.

From there, we went over to Petsmart and looked at the animals until our air conditioner fairy called to say that she was home, then we picked up a window unit and two oscillating fans from her.

The fans are now blowing on Shrike and Peeper while they sleep, and we'll install the window unit tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it will help significantly.

Then Peeper and I went out for second lunch, then to the grocery store and finally, around 6:30 pm, came home.

It was much cooler than earlier, but still pretty damn hot.

In fact, it's still pretty damn hot. 84 degrees outside and about 90 in the house.

At least it was cooler than this inside the car.

What's she drinking?

Decaf latte! (Skim milk with a teeny bit of decaf coffee added. To keep her out of mine.)

It's all-nakey, all-the-time around here these days. Even more so than usual. Grown ups, too. There will be no photos of that.

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  1. " photos of that."

    Because this is not that kind of blog. (Thank goodness.)



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