Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Fourth

We didn't have it in us to actually grill our own traditional Fourth of July hotdogs, but we did manage to pick some up (along with some yummy corndog nuggets) at the local Nathan's Famous Hotdogs / Brewster's Ice Cream drive-thru, and had a little picnic right there between their parking lot and the road.

(With strict instructions to Peeper that she was not to get up off the bench, well, not to set food off the "hard floor" (concrete pad).

That's barbecue, honey mustard and ranch that she's dipping in.

"Peeper to go sweep. Need cubbies!" (covers)

After downing some dogs, we all (even Peeper) agreed that the ice cream would have to wait, but it was still barely daarklish, so we went over to Target to kill some time until the fireworks began.

Somehow, I found room for a coffee, and Peeper found room for a cake pop and Teddy grahams.

hen we moved our car closer to teh edge of the lot and planned to watch from there. A bit before the show started, Peeper said that she wanted to "Watch out dere!" so we set up our chairs and got comfy. Which included getting a blankie from the car, because it was "winding" a lot and pretty chilly.

And, of course, she wanted some goody while we waited.

And she wanted to sit with Mommy for a while, too.

And she finished off my "decaff latte," as she calls it. (Which I like, because at least passersby don't think I'm giving her full-caff coffee.)

And, then, just as the show started, she decided she wanted to go back to the car, so that's where we actually watched the fireworks. She was much more interested in turning the interior lights off and on.

When it was all over, we popped into a convenience store and got a mint chocolate shake, then fought a tiny, tiny fraction of the traffic that we would've had if we'd gone to the park with the rest of the town, and came home.

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