Sunday, July 10, 2011

Creek Kid

We went to a craft show today at a nearby state park and after visiting just a handful of the many, many booths, which were set up in the blazing sun, we got ice cream and walked back to the car, via the wooded picnic area.

After we finished our ice cream, Peeper and I (and a bunch of other folks and their kids) went wading in the little stream.

Don't worry, that stuff on her cheek is neither sunburn, nor heat-flush, nor any type of injury. It's white chocolate raspberry cream cheese dip.

We visited a booth selling dip mixes, and Peeper must have sampled twenty of them, both sweet and savory, and liked every one. She went back for seconds, thirds and tenths of several of them. I don't know how many pretzel sticks she went through, and I don't want to think about how many times she double-dipped when we weren't looking.

I think the only ones I didn't offer her were the habanero, which I didn't try either, and the dreamsicle, because she pretty consistently reports that she doesn't like orange (but she keeps trying it, I've gotta give her that).

The mixes were $4 each or three for $10, so you know we had to get three. We went with the raspberry, Vidalia onion and sweet pepper / tomato. Now we just have to buy some cream cheese and pretzel sticks. Or possibly a pie crust.

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