Friday, July 8, 2011

Chalk One Up

Peeper and I went to a MOMS Club playgroup this morning, in our firefighter friend's backyard.

(He was there as we were leaving, so she got to say hi to him. She knows him mostly by reputation, but talks about him all the time. "Mr. J firefighter. Mr. J got bo-bos." He's kind of like some sort of mythical character to her, I think. I have been known to say, when she gets too close to the stove or the grill, "If you touch that, you'll bet bo-bos like Mr. J." That's probably not the right thing to do.)

She had a bit of a slow start, sitting in my lap and asking to go home (I don't think she's feeling quite 100% either, but seems a lot closer to it than I was a couple of days ago.) but then she discovered the sidewalk chalk. I think we'd better get some.


  1. Sidewalk chalk is cool.


  2. We bought some at the Dollar Tree today (four packs of five for a dollar!) and now our patio is all chalked up. If I'd known where my camera was while we were out there this evening, I would have taken pictures.


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