Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Peeper skipped her nap today (yesterday) and went to bed around 9:30 pm (woohoo!).

She woke and then nursed back down around 10:30 and again around 11:30 (whew!).

Shrike got home around 12:30, we talked for a while and about 1:15, she decided to turn in. She opened the bedroom door, turned around and came back in the office and asked me, "Honey, when you put her to bed, was she in the floor?"


She was snoring loudly, so we knew she was okay, but it did give us a bit of a start.

The irony of this situation is that, if you look very closely in the top right corner of the photo, you'll see that my pillow is still at the head of the bed in sleeping position, because when I got up, I forgot to put it beside her, to keep her from falling out of bed.

But that's not the side she fell out of. She went off on Shrike's side, taking her pillow with her! (Or, perhaps, sending it ahead and then following it.)

I was able to scoop her up and put her back without her really noticing, but of course, she woke up when I tried to sneak off.

After a bit of goody, and then going back again for some more "Mama . . . goody . . . pwease." I think she's settled back down.

With Shrike on one side of her, two pillows on the other side, and two other pillows against my nightstand, so she can't bonk her head on it.


  1. Where the heck do you sleep? Lol!!
    Donna, Ny

  2. Actually, we have a queen-size bed, which is plenty of room for the three of us. Depending on which way Peeper has rolled herself, we often can sleep without touching each other at all.


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