Monday, June 13, 2011

Tricks and Treats

Peeper and I woke up this morning to discover this. The watermelon is trampled, some onions are missing, and the spinach square has been dug down to the foundation. We're thinking it was BigGaloot, because he was outside from the time Shrike left for work around 6 am (she's working a nastily-early shift this week) til we got up around 10:30, but it's possible that something wild got in during the night.

"Peeper's a witch! All dressed up uh trick-or-treat!" Those are "candy bears" in her basket (counting bears).

Even Santa (aka "Scarecrow") got in on the action.

The upside of Shrike's early shift is that she's actually home for dinner - and for a walk to the ice cream stand!

I guess Peeper's forgiven Galoot for his garden transgresions.

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  1. Hmm, I'd check his paws for mud. And smell his breath too. My old Lab used to get in my veggie garden too. She'd pick and eat raspberries. But at the end of gardening season, I'd let her dig around and if she found anything I'd missed, like a potato or an onion, she'd place it carefully on the lawn, with just a few tiny toothmarks from holding it in her mouth. Maybe you can re-plant the damaged stuff?


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