Friday, June 17, 2011

Shopping and Reading

The reason we made our Texas trip a bit early (the past two years, we've come in July) is that this weekend is my 25th(!) high school reunion.

This evening was Part I - a "kids welcome" dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Peeper was charming and delightful, as usual.

Tomorrow will be the big party, and Peeper will be staying with Grandma, Grandpa, Frappa, and whomever might still be hanging out at the house.

Earlier in the day, BabyBro and his family are coming in, and LadyKay and her kids coming over, and we're all having lunch and celebrating Mother's Day, Father's Day and (counting on fingers) five birthday. Well, six, technically, since I'll be getting one gift to take home to Shrike.

This evening, on the way home from dinner, Peeper and I stopped at the grocery to pick up the cake (inscription: Happy Everything, Everybody!) and ice cream for tomorrow.

On the way back to the car, she was "reading" the store sign.

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