Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Carnival Fun

We took Peeper to a small carnival this evening, and she did a little better with the rides than her last attempt.

She was very interested in the rides when we were walking around looking at things, and even tried to go get in line for a couple of big-kid things.

She rode one all by herself, and was doing very well until the last few rounds.

I thought she was looking a little doubtful when she was on the far side, but when we shouted "Hi!" as she went by, she perked up. Until she didn't. As she went by that time, she was close to tears, and saying "Peeper all done. Peeper all done."

Either the carnie heard her or she just got lucky, because the ride stopped right about then. Whew.

Next, we all rode the carousel together, but this one was moving a lot more slowly than the one she and I rode at the fair, and I just held her because she was having no parts of that horsie.

That went fine, so then she and I rode one of these little trucks. That went way faster that I expected, with a pretty tight turn, too. I was white-knuckling it, holding the little steering wheel with one hand and Peeper with the other!

She did okay on that one until about the last three rounds, too.

Then we got some funnel cake, listened to the band (and watched Peeper dance), unloaded the rest of our tickets on a family that was on their way in, and called it a night.

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