Saturday, June 4, 2011

Brave or Crazy?

One complication of Peeper's Big Panty Project is the unpredictability of her naps. I've been struggling with what to do when she wants to get in bed and nurse in the middle of the afternoon. Do I make her change into a diaper, only to have her pop back up to play a few minutes later, or do I risk her falling asleep and peeing in the bed?

So, yesterday and today, I compromised and told her that she could goody in the bed in panties if we put down towels first, in case she took a nap, "because when you're asleep you won't know you need to pee-pee, so it will just come out."

As you can see, she did nap in her panties.

She fell asleep nursing, woke about an hour later and nursed back down, woke again about fourty-minutes after that, and then I fell asleep with her and she nursed-napped for another hour or so.

And after all that?

Still dry.

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