Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yet Another New 'Do

This evening, I tried putting Peeper's hair up in one ponytail, instead of pigtails, and this time, it worked!

Within a couple of hours, enough little curly bits had fallen out of the ponytail that I thought it actually looked even better.

(Here, she's playing "trick-or-treat" with Mommy. She's "dressed up as Dorothy" complete with Toto.)

I told Shrike "You know, now that she's got enough hair for a bun, she can take ballet!"

Um, no. Not any time soon.


  1. I like the loose curly bits too. It is a little soon for ballet, but have you bunned it yet, 'cause that would be cutey patootey. Especially with curly bits. :)

  2. Actually, the studio where most of the MOMS Club little girls dance starts at two. She could be "dancing" there now if we wanted. They don't participate in the recital until three, though.

    I've not put it in a bun yet (This was the first time I've successfully put it in a ponytail.) but as short as the ponytail is, at one point, I glanced at her and it gave the impression of a bun, and that's what made me think of it. Especially with the curls hanging, I was thinking how great it would look when she's all dressed up (because, you know, that happens so often).

    She got a bee-yoo-tee-ful hand-me-down dress the other day that's a 4T, and I was just envisioning her in it with that hairdo, with two more years length on it.

  3. The curly wisps are adorable. I love her Dorothy outfit too.

  4. I've found that a simple little bun can be made by only pulling the ponytail half way through the last loop of the hairband. Does that make sense? It makes a really cute bouncy little "bun" when hair is pretty short.


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