Friday, May 6, 2011

Pride Goeth Before . . .

We had a busy and quite productive day, which included attending three different MOMS Club events, between us.

This morning, Shrike took Peeper to make a Mother's Day craft with the "couldn't find a babysitter" crowd, while I went to a "moms only coffee talk" with the "yay, it's preschool day!" bunch.

I had a very nice visit with lots of good conversation, but serious and not-so-much and was there for almost three hours.

Our hostess' husband was working from home that day, and when we left he told her "They should call it 'coffee talk, and talk, and talk . . . '"

Then I drove across town to pick up Peeper (Which involved nursing her to sleep and then trying to keep her asleep while putting her in the car. Yeah, not so much.) and drive back past the house I'd just left, and another ten minutes down the road to T's house for a meeting of the spaghetti dinner committee.

Have I mentioned the spaghetti dinner? We're doing a spaghetti dinner to benefit our member whose firefighter husband was burned a few weeks ago. I'm on the committee.

Anyway, I thought she'd gone right back to sleep, but as I was stopped at a light - coincidentally, in front of this guy's firehouse - she said "How many flags? Papa likes the red one!"

So, five minute nap? Check!

She actually did pretty well through the meeting, but was done by the end. I figured she was probably sleepy, and knew she must be hungry, because Shrike had reported that she'd had a few Cheez-Its at the craft, and that was it, other than nursing off and on all afternoon.

Also, she was asking T for food. We'd been there the day before for playgroup, and there were cupcakes to celebrate her daughter's fifth birthday, so Peeper started with "Wanna cupcake."

Then I believe she also asked for fries (that's what she ate when T watched her the other day) and yogurt and "bleu cheese." Actually, I'm pretty sure that was "blue cheese" but I don't know what she meant by that. Maybe the package color? I guess I should look at my cheese packages and see if any of them are blue. Evidently, she likes that kind.

Anyway, so when we left there, I threw her a snack bowl of Cheerios and that helped, and then we stopped at Wendy's and that helped a lot.

Then we headed downtown to the first First Friday of the year, which is also an "arts and eats" celebration. (Not the actual name of the event, but it would make a good one, wouldn't it?)

I put Peeper on my back, and before my coffee was made (at my first stop, of course) she was asleep!

So, while she snoozed, I hit up store owners and artists for donations for the raffle that we're doing at the spaghetti dinner - and I totally kicked ass!

There were a few that asked me to check back later, but I got eight donations just handed to me right then, and about the same number promised, we just have to contact them to make it actually happen!

I also gave out cards for my store to two different people who asked about the carrier that I had Peeper in and, when one artist gave me her card and said "But don't go to the website, it's not up yet. I've had problems with it," I gave her my contact information for web design services.

Then, the universe decided that I was just getting way too cocky, and made me lock my keys in the car.


  1. I wanna hang out with people who serve french fries and cupcakes.

    Oh, and a happy mom's day to the big people at your house!

  2. That's one of the reasons we like her :-)


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