Saturday, May 28, 2011

Panty Time

Up til now, I've only been able to talk Peeper into putting on big-girl panties a few times (including yesterday, to swim in her pool), but when she got done swimming (in a diaper and her jammies), she didn't want to put a diaper on.

She played nakey for a few minutes, but when she fell and sraped her booty on her desk (Well, it wasn't a scrape, exactly, but you know that thing where something grabs against your skin and doesn't slide, and it hurts like hell? That, on her still-damp booty.) I was able to convince her that "You know, if you'd been wearing a diaper or panties, you would have just slid right off and it wouldn't have hurt."
I put her little potty in the sunroom where she was playing, and set up the big potty for her (stepstool in front, insert in the seat - she does great with that setup and can get up all by herself if she's in the mood) and told her that "If you feel pee-pee coming, tell me and go to the potty!" and set the oven timer and told her that when it went off, it would be time to either go potty or change into a diaper.

And it worked.

She never reported needing to pee-pee, but I was sending her so often, she probably never had the chance to feel the need. I started with about fiften minutes, and spaced it out to thirty or more, and every time I said it was potty time, she was willing to go (after a bit of "encouragement" sometimes) and she took her panties off almost all by herself and climbed "aboard the potty train" and pee-peed. Probably five or six times!

And (almost) everytime, she washed her hands afterward, including singing the ABC song (to wash for the right amount of time). I've changed the last part for handwashing purposes "Now my hands are washed all clean, and there's no poop germs on me!"

When I thought she was going to fall asleep nursing, I told her that she needed to change into a diaper and she said, "Nooooo! Paaaantteeees!" which I saw as a good sign.

As it turned out, when I had her get up to pee-pee, planning to put a diaper on her, she caught a second wind and didn't nap for another hour or so, so that bought her some more panty time.

Later, she went "swimming" again, wearing the panties, and when we came in and took them off, she asked for a diaper and we then took a nap.

When we woke up, I suggested she go potty and change back into panties, but she was done with that game for the day.

In all, I think she spent about three hours in them, went in the potty five or six times, and stayed dry. (Well, other than hopping into a kiddie pool full of yucky water while wearing them! By the way, it's now been dumped, sprayed out and refilled with less yucky - so far - water.)

We're still a long, long way from being potty trained, and I wouldn't necessarily say that we even consider ourselves to be actively in the process of it, but it was a very good day, as potty-things go!

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