Friday, May 27, 2011

A Day

We started the day with some of our MOMS Club friends, at Recipe Club (which is uually more of a themed potluck, because we rarely end up actually exchanging the recipes). Today's theme was veggies - (healthy or not), so I made spinach dip and carrot cake.

Shrike's official judgement of the carrot cake was "I don't even like carrot cake, and that stuff was awesome!"

Peeper enjoyed the toys and especially this groovy little couch, that's just her size!

After we got home, Shrike went to work and Peeper and I hung out in the yard for a big chunk of the afternoon. She "swam" (wearing big-girl panties) and watered the garden and had a high old time.

When we came in, I took off her wet panties, and she came up with this outfit all on her own: One snowboot, an AuntieKay hat, and a smile!

"Yook yike a queen!"

And then we spent about an hour and a half in the basement, while about three inches of rain came down, hail pelted the house, and luckily, none of the funnel clouds spotted arond the county came to anything.

I will have to take a good look at my car in the daylight, but I don't think we had any real damage, just a smidge of water in the basement, which is already drying.

We were mostly hanging out on the finished side of the basement, but Peeper went over to the unfinished side for a while, "Hey, what ar ou doing over there?" "Playing in da water." "WHAT?!?!"

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  1. So glad your house didn't begin to twitch.

    (Dear Peeper?)



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