Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yard Work

It only looks like she's hunting Easter eggs. She's actually picking all the dandelions in the backyard.

But, yes, our grass really is that high. It hasn't stopped raining for more than a day or two at a time in the past few weeks!


  1. Does she bring you little dandelion posies to put in water? My siblings and I used to bring handfuls of them to our mom; we were so proud to present her with these lovely bouquets. She just recently told me that she secretly threw them out when we weren't looking. Now my students at school pick them for me at recess.

  2. Oh yes.

    "Here go, Mama. Flower. Here go. Hold it in hand."

    Also "Peeper pick yellow flower herself!"

    (Actual quotes, from the kid who, four months ago, couldn't string two words together!)

    On Wednesday, when Shrike's parents brought her home, she had a whole baggie-full that she'd picked for us in their yard!

  3. Could you send us some of that rain please? We're having a drought down here.

  4. Anoymama: Wish we had some of that rain. We have a real draught, including lots of forest fires around Texas, a few just north of us in the woods.


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