Friday, April 15, 2011

Trigger Time!

Shrike will definitely be triggering this evening, for egg retrieval on Sunday.

I went with her to the appointment this morning, but didn't actually remember to ask about the exact number of follicles seen, or how many were at "trigger size" (17mm or larger), and since I was there in person, we didn't get the printout that Shrike's been bringing home to me, with all that information.

I will try to remember to ask when the nurse calls later on to confirm that we are triggering (but we already know that we are). Then (if I understand correctly) an OR scheduler will call to let us know exactly when she gets the shot tonight, and what time to be there on Sunday.

I did ask for the lastest appointment possible, and they did seem sympathetic to the fact that Shrike won't be home until after midnight Saturday and we have an hour-and-a-half drive. I refrained from mentioning the part about dropping Peeper off before we head down.

Speaking of, she was not too keen on being woke up at 9ish, after having gone to bed (who's fault was that?!) at 2ish, and she was definitely ready for goody when we got there, and as soon as we got home, she had some more and went right to sleep (still asleep, an hour and a half later, shhhh!) but she seemed to do well staying with Shrike's parents for about four and a half hours this morning.

Her mom mentioned that she seemed "a little off" but not unhappy.

Of course, we've noticed that the past few days, as well. I think she's fighting some sort of cold or allergies or something. She had a bit of a snotty nose a few days ago, and still has a bit of a cough, especially at night. That's better since we started running the humidifier, but there's definitely something going on in her little respiratory system.

She's seemed to be doing more nursing and cuddling the past few days, too.

I don't know much is not feeling 100% or how much is about Shrike being gone so much (up and out of the house in the mornings, then home for maybe an hour before heading off to work).

Tomorrow, Shrike does have to work, but she'll be home all morning, so hopefully that will help.

And now, maybe I'll go lay down with Peeper and try to sneak in a bit of a nap myself.

That should make the phone ring.

I'll post more details about Sunday as soon we have them!

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