Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stim Day 5

Shrike went down to the fertility clinic this morning for her first ultrasound since beginning the ovarian stimulation medications.

The report is that "everything looks good," they're still seeing nineteen measurable follicles (Yay! For what it's worth, when we made Peeper, on stim day 4, she'd dropped from 41 to 31 follicles.) and it looks like our most likely scenario is to trigger Friday for retrieval on Sunday and transfer next Wednesday.

Of course, that's based on the average of what most patients are doing, so it probably just means that she's not stimming spectacularly fast or slow at this point, so there's no indication yet that her timing will be any different.

They said that "We'll know more tomorrow," but we already knew that we'll know more each day and can start maybe narrowing down the possible schedule more and more as we go along.

Our plan was for Shrike to do all these monitoring appointment on her own, but I'm starting to feel a little left out of the process, so we're going to see if her parents are available to watch Peeper on Thursday or Friday so I can go with her.

More news as we have it.

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