Sunday, April 10, 2011

Some Recent Peeperisms

Handing Shrike some pipe cleaners and pompoms: "Here go, Mommy. Here go. Enjoy."

Watching a YouTube video: "Dat's hiyarious!"

Climbing over Mr. Panda: "Suse me, Panda. Peeper comin' froo."

Pushing the blankie off her lap in the car: "Get yost!"

Holding TV remote up to her ear: Hello? Can't hear you. Diff'rent phone.

As I'm reading a text that just came in: What person, Mama?

Putting her Cookie Monster stethoscope on her chest (and the cat's): Echocardiogram!

Inspecting her poop during a diaper change: Yook yike . . . eagle!

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