Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Solo Playdate!

Yesterday was a big milestone for Peeper. It was the first time that we left her with anyone other than family. Actually, the first time we've left her with anyone other that Shrike's parents, except for once with her sister when she was about three weeks old.

That morning, Peeper and I were at a meeting at our friend T's house, making plans for an upcoming MOMS Club fundraiser, and that afternoon Shrike and I had an appointment with Dr T.

We were hoping that Shrike's parents could watch Peeper during the appointment, but we'd forgotten to set it up ahead of time, and when Shrike called that morning, they already had plans.

When she texted to tell me, I was complaining about it, and T said, "Why don't you just leave her here?"
Shrike and I weren't so sure, since we'd be running into nap time, but when I asked Peeper what she thought about the plan, she was all for it.

I said, "How would you like to stay and play with K and C (T's girls) for a while, and Mama will pick you up later?"
She said, "K!" and ran off to play with her.

I called her back to make sure she understood that I was planning to leave, and her response was the same.

When I got ready to go, I told her to cooperate with Mrs. T and play nice and share and all that jazz, and "Give Mama a hug and kiss bye-bye."

She said, "No hugses. No kisses. Bye-bye." and just kept playing. I might have gotten a wave out of her.

She was definitely ready to nurse when I got back, and very sleepy (she conked out before we left) but T says she did really well, and Peeper tells me that she had fun, although the only detail I can get out of her is that she ate French fries, which I already knew about, because they were cooking when I left.

Since it went so well, and it also went so well when Peeper and I watched T's girls the other day, I'm very optimistic about this new option.

Now, if only they lived closer to us, so it was more convenient for every one!

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