Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Itinerary

So, here's how this is going to work:

Shrike is at work right now. She took my car, with the carseat.

Peeper is napping, and I'm all-but packed for overnight.

(Cold things need to go into an ice chest at the last minute, and my pants are in the dryer. The ones I need to wear to not be naked.)

Around 7ish, Shrike's parents are going to come pick up Peeper and me (they have a carseat) and we'll go to a hotel near the fertility clinic. When Shrike gets off work (hopefully a little earlier than her usual 11:45ish) she will drive down and join us.

We've got reservations for adjoining rooms, and when Shrike's parents go to bed tonight, they'll leave their half of the connecting doors open.

In the morning, Shrike and I will get up around 5:15 and tiptoe around getting ready. I'll give Peeper a "dream feed" (get her all goodied up in her sleep) and then we'll open our door to Eena and Papa's room, and set up the monitor, so they'll be sure and hear Peeper when she wakes up.

We'll leave around (theoretically) 5:45 to go over the clinic, which is only about a minute away from the hotel.

We're supposed to be there at 6 am, to get Shrike all set up, and the egg retrieval is scheduled for 8 am.

Based on how things went last time around, by the time someone comes to let me know she's all done and I can go back to see her, we should know how many eggs they were able to get.

(Based on the sizes on Thursday, I'm thinking that maybe about 10ish should be big enough by tomorrow that they ought to be mature? But what the hell do I know?)

Again, based on last time, we're thinking we'll be free to go by 10 or 11, then back to the hotel to get Peeper and then Shrike's parents will head home in their car and we'll head home in ours.

We'll probably stop on the way for pancakes, because last time, that's what Shrike wanted when she woke up, and we're trying to do as much the same as possibly, because if it worked once . . . .

We'd appreciate all the egg-gathering mojo you've got!


  1. It sounds as if you guys are about as organized as anyone possibly could be. Sending lots of egg-gathering mojo, and may Peeper stay blissfully sleeping after her dream feeding. Good luck with everything!

  2. praying. (of course.) keep us posted. (my computer is down, so i'm posting from my phone. :p )


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