Monday, April 25, 2011

A Family Day

This was the first day in a while that no one has had to work / go to the doctor / host a family event, and it was rather lovely.

First, I woke to the call from the clinic about the Hopsicles, which was a nice, upbeat way to start the day. Once we were up and moving a bit, Shrike finally had the chance to mow the yard. I don't know if this photo doed it justice, but it was beyond time for a mow. I was start to worry about Peeper getting lost out there. Hell, I was starting to worry about BigGaloot getting lost!

While she mowed, Peeper and I sat on the patio (her in my lap, safely contained and far away from the mower) and watched.

Afterward, I was hungry, but Peeper wasn't done being outside, so my wife - being a genius - suggested that we have a picnic lunch!

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Peeper's little face lit up and she was all excited. It was great!

I brought out some leftover ham (which Peeper loved!) and cheese (also love!) from yesterday, and then Shrike got the leftover potato chips (love! duh.) and we at on a blankie on the patio (it's still a bit wet from all the rain we've been having) and ate them straight from the ziplock baggies!

Our maple and crabapple trees are blooming, so we even had some nice scenery to look at. I noticed a couple of blooms on the lilac trees, so it should be even prettier out there in a few days.

Then we got cleaned up and dressed - and Shrike and Peeper actually wore summer clothes!

Including these adorable sandals, which were a hand-me-up from DaNiece. They were gifted to her recently, but HerLovelyMommy figured they'll fit in winter, so she gave them to Peeper, who can wear them now.

Then we ran a few errands, and Peeper had a too-short nap in the car. (When will we learn. Just keep driving.)

Then Eena and Papas came and picked her up, and Shrike and  I went out to dinner for her birthday, at a local Hibachi grill. Her actual birthday isn't until Wednesday, but this was our only chance for a date night dinner for two (and six complete strangers, at the same hibachi table).

On Wednesday, the three of us will go to Red Robin with her birthday coupon. She's already agreed to allow them to sing to her "for Peeper's sake."

I suppose I'll have to do the same, a couple of weeks later, huh?

After dinner, we still had about an hour and a half before we were expected to get Peeper, so at the birthday girl's request, we came home and took the dogs for a walk.

(That's not a euphamism. We're not allowed to euphamism right now.)

Then we checked our respective Facebooks, picked up the kid, fed her some leftovers, got her a bath (thanks, Mommy), had a few minutes of "goody in the bed" and she was out, probably around 9:45.

Which means that I need to get my ass to bed, because she's going to be up before her usual 11 am!


  1. This is going to sound Mother Hen-ish, but is it okay for Shrike to be on the riding mower when she could be pregnant? You know, with the vibration and all. Happy birthday tomorrow, Shrike. And best wishes for two lines on a pee stick, and a great beta number.


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