Saturday, April 23, 2011

And There Were Cookies

Our MOMS Club is doing "Secret Sister" right now, leading up to Mother's Day and our annual luncheon on May 1, when we'll have the big reveal. One of the things that I mentioned to Shrike to pass on to my Secret Sister was this great package of 101 cookie cutters for $10.00 at Target.

A few weeks ago, she gave me those, and two packages of cookie mix and a can of icing - with sprinkles!

We made the first package immediately, and cut them into whatever shapes Peeper and I thought looked cool, just for fun. When I discovered the Easter egg cutter, though, I knew what I was going to do with the rest of the dough and the icing.

While I was working on the dough, Peeper was stacking sprinkles.

I swear she said "Big uns go he-ah. Lil' uns go he-ah, in the re-ah."

And while I was cutting out cookies, this happened.

But in the end, this happened! (I also bought some other sprinkles. I love the baby jellybeans! So Eastery!)

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