Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After a bit of a run-around with the ob/gyns office, and some intervention from MidwifeK, we've got Shrike an appointment for a Pap with her on Thursday.

We also have an appointment scheduled with Dr E for Tuesday, which I'm not going to cancel until Thursday's appointment has actually happened, just to be safe.

Having MidwifeK do it might be a bit weird for Shrike, but given the option of local, two days from now, early afternoon versus a hour away, a week from now, at 8:30 am, she decided she could get over it.

If all goes well with the screening, who knows how many people are going to be up in her business in the next few weeks - or, if it all goes very well, the next few months - anyway.

So, she should be home from work soon, and will have a bedtime snack, so she can be fasting for the bloodwork.

I told Peeper "Mommy can't eat breakfast tomorrow, because she has to have hungry blood for the doctor tomorrow."

She said, "Hungee buud!"

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