Friday, March 4, 2011


Peeper hasn't painted much lately, but tonight, she made up for lost time.


  1. She's good at colour blending! And I bet the bath water turned an interesting colour when she got in! As far as Mother Nature's gift, I'm pretty sure most women would be just as happy to give it back. Couldn't we just have our reproductive cycles without having to "receive our menses"? Of course, in Shrikes' case, I hope her gift comes right on time and everything works out well for her (for both of you, I mean).

  2. When she's this painty, I generally rinse all the paint off before I close the drain, so she doesn't end up soaking in it the whole time.

    And, it occurred to me this morning, that Shrike is very likely to kill me for talking so much about her "FedEx delivery" with the whole internet.


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