Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not the Final, Official Verdict, But . . .

Just got this email from MG, one of our contact people at the fertility clinic.

(Emphasis mine.)

Hi Whozat –
All of Shrike's lab results from yesterday were well within the normal limits, both clinically and for the study. To give you some meaning to them, I’ll let you know what we are looking for with the study.
Estradiol – should be low, around 60 is fine. Her Estradiol is not really something that would screen her out, but we would’ve wanted to repeat it if it had been over 100 or so, that would’ve indicated that she was further along in her cycle than D2, 3 or 4.
FSH – for the study must be under 15.
LH – for the study must be under 12.
TSH – for the study has to be within normal range for our lab, which is 0.4 to 4.00
Progesterone – like the Estradiol is not really something that would screen her out, but we check it to make sure its within normal limits for early in her cycle, we like it to be less than 1.00 on D2,3 or 4
Prolactin – has to be within the normal range for our lab which is 1.9 to 25.0
You can see that all of Shrike's results fall well within the normal ranges for the Study and for FertilityClinic :-)

When she comes in next time to start her IVF she does NOT need to worry about the number of follicles, the screening ultrasound is the one that could have screened her out of the study, NOT the next one.
The only thing to look out for at her next ultrasound would be if she had a cyst or follicle that was 11mm or greater. If this happens we would just have to wait for her blood work to come back (that same day) to get the OK to start her meds or not. (We look at the Estradiol to make sure that the cyst isn’t producing Estrogen). It isn’t something that would put her out of the study, but it could delay starting the meds for IVF by a few hours, a day or a month depending on what the cyst is doing. But really you guys don’t have to worry too much about this situation b/c Shrike did NOT have any follicles over 11mm at her ultrasound yesterday and typically that means we won’t see anything that large the next month.
You guys can relax for now! :-) you will hear from us in about 10 days with the results from the rest of the labs.
Let me know if you have any questions in the mean time.


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