Sunday, March 13, 2011

Graffiti Gone

Several weeks (months?) ago, Peeper created quite the mural in the hallway, and we've not gotten motivated to do anything about it.

(Remember the appraisor that came by in January? I noticed him giving it the side-eye as we were talking, but he still put us at only ten thousand dollars less than three years ago, which is kind of amazing these days, so I guess it didn't hurt us any.)

Well, over the past few days, Peeper has, more than once, asked to "Clean dis off" and even tried to rub it off herself. (With Shrike's hairbrush.)

So, I figured that if she wanted it off that badly, I should probably go ahead and get it off. I got out a Magic Eraser for me (we bought them for this very purpose, and actually did remove the first set of scribbles) and a wet dishtowel for her, and we went at it.

She actually didn't help a whole lot, but she did watch, and when I stopped to take pictures, she decided to take some of her own (using the package from her mailbox as a camera).


  1. Oh, Magic Eraser, why couldn't you have existed when my kids were little?

  2. How can I not have heard of this Magic Eraser? I need one. NOW!


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