Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Mojo 2.0

Long-time readers might remember the little "baby shrine" I set up on top of our dresser when we were doing our IVF cycle for Peeper.

Today, I dusted and cleared away some crap that was hanging out up there and started an updated version.
There are a few irrelevant things that I still want to move elsewhere, and I want to locate a couple of things that we had there before, and maybe add some more, and of course, even more so than the last time, that's probably the safest place to store meds and needles if when we get them, but here's what I've got right now.

Relevant: Photo of me and Shrike when we first met, Kokopelli, fertility goddess candle and necklace, two king cake babies, "somethings old" from our wedding which were also part of Peeper's "coming home" outfit, pink and blue favors from the twins' baby shower.

Semi-Relevant: Pirate ship that Shrike painted for Peeper when I was pregnant, baby monitor transmitter.

Irrelevant: Miscellaneous candles that used to live in the bathroom and on Shrike's dresser, until she got tired of them.

Things to Add: I'd like to figure out what we did with those Anne Geddes baby butterflies and also add a panda family of four, and maybe a photo of the three of us. Something from Peeper's shower might be more appropriate, too - but those things from the twins' shower were already up there (fourteen months later), so I just left them.

This is the necklace that I wore when I we were trying for Peeper, and through my pregnancy. I had originally planned to put it in her keepsake box and give it to her someday, but when we went home for her first Christmas, I decided to give it to MyLovelySister-In-Law.

I told her that I didn't expect her to actually wear it (it's really not "her") but that I hoped she'd take it in the spirit it was intended and "pass it on to someone else who needs it when you're done with it."

A few months ago, I asked if we could have it back. Of course, she packed it up and sent it right off, along with a king cake baby (the pink one in the photo) that she got right before the twins were conceived. It was the first time she'd ever found one, and she took it to be good mojo and stored it in the same jewelry box with the necklace.

After this morning's Mardi Gras activity, I texted her to let her know that Peeper had found the baby (the little gold one in the photo) and she agreed that must also be good mojo, so here they are all together.

Note to Shrike: Stop reading here.

Let's just hope that finding a king cake baby does not always add one baby's worth of mojo to the necklace!

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