Friday, February 4, 2011

With A Little Help From Her Friends

This afternoon, in leiu of a nap* Peeper and I helped with pricing donations for the big MOMS Club yard sale tomorrow. I wasn't really planning to stay but a few minutes - just long enough to price the things that we'd brought - but it was clear that more help was needed (Which was all my fault - I'm the one who scheduled the volunteers!) so we stayed for a couple of hours.

The sale will be held in the "Family Life Center" (ie: gym) of the church where we have our meetings, so while the moms were pricing (and buying) the kids were running wild.

Despite being exhausted, Peeper was having a good time, and playing very well with the other kids. She and my friend T's four-year-old, K, were chasing each other, and at one point, Peeper even called to her by name (We had to tell her, because she couldn't understand her. I knew that's what she was saying, because that's what she calls her when she sees her photos on T's blog.) and as soon as she got her attention, she ran off to be chased.

Peeper discovered a just-her-size tricycle (which is now in my car) and she could push herself along on it better than I expected. One of the big girls was helping her, and trying to teach her how to peddle, but she was really moving when T's almost-walking, just-turned-one-year-old C decided that it looked like a great way to support herself.

She pushed her all the way over to the wall!

I really wish the photo were better, but I was taking it from across the room, when someone said, "Whozat! T! Look!"

Oh, and things are looking good for the yard sale. We have a TON of stuff, priced to sell. (We think. We were totally guessing on prices.) And we've already made about $70, on things that the pricing crew bought!

*That's not exactly true. When we left at about 5:30, she fell asleep within a couple of minutes. I drove around for a while, hoping to get her about a twenty-minute nap, but when we got home, she said "Goody! Bed!" and went back to sleep. Until nine. fucking. thirty. This is not a good thing. I'm really glad I signed up for the second shift at the yard sale tomorrow, and don't have to be there at 8 am!


  1. Despite a mild ice storm this morning, our yard sale was a HUGE success and we raised over $1000!!!

  2. With a few post-sale donations, our total is now up to about $1200!


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