Monday, February 28, 2011

Look, Ma, No Cavities!

Today was Peeper's regularly scheduled dental check-up and it went much better than we'd expected.

The first great thing that happened (for us) is that our favorite dentist, whom we'd been told had moved, is actually still there. It seems that she ran into red-tape issues with getting her license in the state that she was trying to move to, so I don't know if the move is cancelled or just postponed, but at least she was there today. Bummer for her, of coures, but yay for us.

The second thing is that Peeper was incredibly cooperative. This is the first time that they've done the whole shebang, with the metal hook and the rubber spinny thing and the flouride on a brush, and she was just great.

She put on her groovy sunglasses . . .

. . . opened wide . . .

. . . and let them do their thing.

She was even able to answer when given a choice of flouride flavors. (She went with banana.)

The third great thing is that it turned out that the tooth I was worried about (the one upper incisor that's not capped) is fine. I thought it was showing some signs of decay (chalky white along the gumline) but it turns out that what I was seeing is just the edge of the small surface filling that she got in it at the last visit.

The dentist says that her teeth are looking great, and we must be doing a good job of brushing them.


Two of her two-year-molars are in all the way, but the other two still need to come out a bit, so can't seal them just yet. We'll be going back in three months to get that done.

After the appointment, we went out for Mexican food and did our best to undo all our good dental hygiene by ordering Peeper a dessert bigger than her head.

We got three spoons, but none of us actually had room for much of it. I think we should've just gotten a small scoop of ice cream!

Peeper made a valiant effort, but barely got past the whipped cream on top.

When she was finished, she looked at the ice cream and said "Doggy! Doggy! Looks like!"

And she was right!

Do you see it?

Do you see it now? It's a poodle, in profile.

Then she asked me to make a "snowman" out of her lemon.

I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself.


  1. Congrats on the good appointment Peep! What a
    big girl you are!

    I am really impressed with the doggy thing. Does she know about shapes in clouds yet? If she can find a doggy in the ice cream all by herself, I would think she could understand the concept. That would probably be a great warm weather activity.

  2. Nice! Really nice you treat her very well and look her extra care she is soo cute I like her.
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    Thank you for sharing the great post.

  3. Yes, I see the dog! Very observant of you, Peeper. Yes, I think she would love finding shapes in the clouds. Being a music teacher, I have a song for just about every occasion, and there's one about clouds, by Connie Calder. It's on a CD which unfortunately I have now lost, but the songs on it were awesome. I'll try to find the title and let you know if it's still available.

  4. Hi again, It's Connie Kaldor, not Calder, and the name of the CD is A Duck in New York City. It comes with a cute book with the lyrics for all the songs. It's available from Amazon.

  5. LadyKay - It's funny you should bring that up. There are some videos about cloud-shape-seeing on Sesame Street that she just discovered a few days ago. Since then, she's specifically mentioned the clouds a couple of times when we've been outside. ("Yook clouds!")

    I've asked her if she sees any "pictures" in them, but she's said no.

    I have explained that you have to use your imagination to see them with real clouds. They're not as easy as the ones in the video. Those were gimmes.

    The dog-in-the-ice-cream is not the first time she's said something like that, just the most obvious that she really meant what we thought she meant, because now she has the language skills to say "Looks like!" and before, we were just guessing "Do you meant the ____ looks like a _____?"

    Personally, I find it pretty impressive, but then again, I'm her mother, I'm easily impressed with her.

    Anon - Thanks for the recommendation, I'll look for that!


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