Sunday, February 20, 2011

Little Bo Peeper

Peeper spent the evening with Eena, Papa and her cousins, while Mommy and Mama went out to dinner.

(I know! Two dates in one week! I don't think that's happened since she was born!)

While I was doing her hair, in preparation for going over there, she was playing with the sheep from her farm, unzipping her sweater and tucking it inside. She then insisted on taking it with her.

I told her "Okay, but it's your responsibility to remember to bring it back home," and sure enough, she not only remembered her sheep, but tried to bring Eena and Papa's very similar sheep home, too.

"Two sheep! Two sheep!"

Our niece finally told her that "This one is my sheep, and if it leaves here, it dies!"

Okay, perhaps she went a bit far, but she did agree to leave that one there.

Here she is with our sheep, after we got home.

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