Sunday, February 6, 2011

Letter of the Week: B

Tot School
~ Peeper is 27 months old ~

Once again, I couldn't wait to get started, so we did a letter craft Sunday night. I based this Bumble Bee on one from No Time for Flashcards. I used pipecleaners to make the stripes because, well, because we have a bunch of pipe cleaners, but also because I figured it would add a bristly texture - just like a bee!

It was kind of a less-toddler-appropriate "b-word" to get them to stick to the paper, but we eventually got it.

Peeper sort of got the idea of the yellow-black-yellow-black pattern, but wasn't really feeling my "now give me a yellow, now give me a black" plan.

She did glue and pat-pat-pat my precut bee and (preassembled) flowers, and then sort of helped with pipecleaners.

When it was all done, I asked her "Do you want me to write "B is for Bumble Bee?" and she said, "No, Peeper!" and grabbed the black crayon from me.

I must admit that my first thought was "Oh no! She's going to scribble all over my picture!"

Yeah, I'm working on that.

Another No Time for Flashcards-inspired craft - this time a lowercase b, made out of bananas. We painted the bananas this evening and cut them out and assembled the b on Tuesday. The original craft called for freehanding a couple of bananas, but I knew that wasn't going to go well, so I found some clip art and squished it around in photoshop to get the right shapes.

Look, Ma! My first printable!

On Tuesday, I really didn't have anything specific planned, but we did end up painting with some bright colors. Including on her body.

This evening, we spent way too much time bake brownie bites for our big MOMS Club charity yard sale.

When Peeper helps me cook, she mostly just grabs handsful of ingredients out of the bowl and shoves them in her mouth (flour, cocoa, yummy things like that) but I also tell her everything that I'm doing, and talk about the measurements and let her "help" me with measuring and pouring and mixing. And cracking eggs. She really likes that.


More baking. This time it was banana bites.

Friday & Saturday
I suppose I'll claim that "B is for benefit" because these two days were mostly about preparing for and then helping with the yard sale. We raise a little over $1000 for a local family who has two seriously ill children.

So, that's a great lesson for Peeper, right there. Without going into specifics about the kids illness (they both have a hereditary disease; one is not expected to survive), I explained that we were selling things to get money for "a family with two sick kids, who have to pay the doctors a lot of money, and have to pay for a lot of other things, so they need help."

In addition to the more "formal" activities above, at some point this week, we played with bubbles, balls, blocks and babies and also took a few baths. We also did some "matching" with her "puffies" (pipecleaners) and played with letters and numbers, and did lots and lots and lots of reading, as usual. 

I tried to remember to point out B words when we came across them.

I'm not totally sure she's "getting it" though. At first, I was impressed because every time we asked her "What does b____ start with?" she would say "B!"

Then, to check, I asked her what a not-B word starts with, and she still said "B." Evidently, she'd caught on that it's "B Week."

Also, she was sounding them out thusly: "Ah - ah - ah - B!"

Hmmmm. Maybe a bit of work yet to do here.


  1. I really like the hand-and-footprint picture. I think it would look nice in a frame. As for cracking eggs, my girls loved doing that. I was happy if most of the egg went into the bowl. If some went on the table, I just scraped it into the bowl with my hand. And then I spent the next little while picking all the eggshells out of the bowl, while they played with flour and sugar. I think the most exhausting part of motherhood is not so much the children themselves, it's all the cleanup that we do after all the fun things we let them help with. I kind of got to where I didn't care what my house looked like after awhile. And then I hired a cleaning service. It was the best money I ever spent.

  2. aaw what a great week! Am a first time visitor to your blog via tot school but look forward to reading more of your posts :-)

  3. Aw, I love her open ended art with the finger painting!


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