Monday, February 7, 2011

Cheese Ball

It's Shrike's day off, so we did some running around this afternoon and evening. Peeper's been on a later-than-usual sleep schedule and we'd like to get her back to normal-for-us, so we left around napish time, and hoped she'd just get a short power nap in the car. Eventually, though, we got to the point where we figured we'd better just keep her moving and power through.

First, we dropped off dinners to two different MOMS Club families with new babies, then ran by Michael's to buy glue dots.

(I ran out mid-project yesterday. I thought "You know, glue dots are sort of a luxury. Maybe we should just use regular glue." So, I put some on the paper, and Peeper immediately smeared it everywhere and then licked it off her fingers. So, glue dots it is!)

After that, we went to dinner, where she wore ate lots of chili con queso and chips.

And then, of course, to Target, where this happened.

And this.

And, finally, this.

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  1. Yup, shopping can really tucker a girl out. I can't wait till we get Target in Canada. It's coming sometime this year, I think, but under a different name.


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