Monday, February 21, 2011

All Her Eggs in One Basket

Yesterday, I presented Peeper with a "letter E discovery bin" which contains, among other things, a few plastic Easter eggs (and half-eggs) that never made it back into storage last year.

I'd put the bin together while she was asleep, rummaging through all her various toy boxes, looking for eggs and other E-things. (Who knew we had two identical squirty elephants?)

Evidently I missed one though, because as soon as I pulled out a few and said, "Look, eggs!" she looked them over, told me "Mite back!" and took off.

A moment later, she came back, carrying another half-egg. I have no idea where it came from, but she must have known right where it was, because it took her no time at all to find it.

That evening, we were putting her bath toys away in the storage bag, and I was narrating. She dropped in a half-egg that's been a bath toy for the past couple of weeks, and turned around to get another toy. I said, "Egg away!" and she realized what she'd done.

She immediately turned back around, took it back out, and told me "Egg wiff us. Uh eggs."

("Take this egg with us and put it with the other eggs.")

Sure enough, she kept it in her little hand until she was out and (semi)dry, and as soon as I let her out of the bathroom, she ran (nakey, of course) to the sunroom and put it in the bin with the rest of them.

Fast-forward to tonight . . .

A little while ago, Shrike announced that it was time for a bath. Peeper took off to the sunroom, and came right back with that very same half-egg that "belongs" in the tub.

I can't wait to see what she'll do with it when she finishes her bath. I suspect it might travel back and forth every night!

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