Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Day

Note: Photos. Finally.

My photos from today are kind of all over the place, but that's how our day went.

This morning, Peeper and I went to a MOMS Club playgroup for under-three set. Here, she and another little girl have discovered the dressup clothes!

We've had snow on the ground for a few days and every time we try to go somewhere, there's this huge deal about getting Peeper in the car, because she just wants to get down and play with the snow in the driveway.

Finally, I realized that maybe I should take her out to, I dunno, play in the fucking snow?

She wanted to build a snowman, but this was the really fluffy, dry stuff that just won't stick together, so I convinced her that we'd make a "snow head." A bas relief snow head.

A hipster bas relief snow head.

Then I breastfeed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

And, at long last, the final chapter of Christmas 2010.

Because Shrike had not been able to do much shopping (She was planning to go on her dinner break, and then things got crazy at work for a while and there was no dinner break.), we decided to put off exchanging our gifts to each other until after the Texas trip, so she could shop while we were gone.

Actually, we'd already spent the majority of our budget for each other on a new camera, but still had enough left for a few gifts.

Peeper got several plush Sesame Street characters for Christmas from Shrike's parents, but no Abby (They only have videos from our niece and nephew, who are 10 and 13, so they didn't know who Abby was.) so we got her one. I took it to Texas with us, hidden in the bottom of the backpack as my "ace in the hole" for the flight, but didn't need it, so we wrapped it up and gave it to her tonight.

She obviously liked it, but I think she was just as interested in - and would have been satisfied with - helping us open our gifts.

Oh yeah, our gifts!

Last year, I made Shrike a photo calendar of Peeper, and she requested another one. That was "from Peeper," so she'd already opened it. Today she got some cute doggy jammies and (although it's technically for all of us and it didn't come out of her budget) a collage of our latest photo shoot.

The year we moved into this house, Frappa gave Shrike a calendar with pictures of dogs made out of produce, called "Dog Food." I loved it, and thought it worked so well in our kitchen, that Shrike gets me the new "Play With Your Food" calendar every year. I've been staring at December since I got home from Texas, wondering when we'd finally open our gifts!

She also gave me a "freedom rings" earring, that is actually a refill for the one I already have. For some stupid reason, nobody knows how to make them so that the six little rings are permanently attached, so I'm always dropping it and losing rings. When I get down to three or four, the joke is, "Oh no! Now I'm going to be bisexual!" then she buys me more, before I get down to one or two and have to be straight.

I also got a Starbucks gift card - woo hoo!


What say you?