Sunday, January 9, 2011

Our Trip To Texas, In Words and Photos

Wednesday December 29 
We had a pretty uneventful flight and Peeper was, as usual, a delightful travelling companion.

Then we got to Houston and discovered that somehow, between Anonymama, LadyKay and Frappa, no one had remembered that the carseat that lives down there needed to come to the airport.

I ended up renting a car with a carseat and driving that to HomeTown, then returning it at the (too small to fly into from here) airport the next day.

By that point, well let's just say that Peeper was done being charming.

Thursday December 30
Anonymama helped us return the rental car, and then we hit Target (shocking, I know!) where I bought a whole 'nother set of toiletries to live down there, because I'm tired of having to wait on those last few things that have to be packed in the morning.

Then we just hung out at the house, petting cats and making pie.

Friday December 31
On New Years Eve, we visited Grandma's beauty shop ladies, made a quick trip to the grocery, and made more pies. Then BabyBro and his family came into town, and LadyKay and her bunch came over, and we had Christmas.

Tamales all around!

And toddler cuddles. Here's Anonymama with 80% of her grandchildren. In the background are MyLovelySIL and DaNephew; DaNiece and Peeper are on her lap, and Frappa is capturing the moment from a different angle.

BabyBro and DaNiece. Shortly after this, she pulled the hat down over her face and took off toward that stone hearth that you see in the photo above. Her parents were not amused.

2/3 of the Worlds Cutest Jammies, courtesy of Frappa.

This ladybug is now holding all Peeper's tub toys.

Frappa made quilts for all the kids - this is DaNephew's.

Inside that package is a The Night Before Christmas recordable book - with Anonymama reading the story! The twins got one, too.

She loves this puzzle.

DaNephew was King of the Gifts.


Our photographer friend M's kids have these Eric Carle animal alphabet cards. When I saw them, I just had to put them on Peeper's wish list.

AuntieKay made hats for everyone!

Then there was the trading of hats.

World's Cutest Jammies (x3) Photo Shoot

Got it!

How we got it. (Those are Cheerios all over the coffee table.)

Peeper and Grandpa.


Peeper also got the same dress and leggings.

What's she doing here?


Trying to see the fireworks. We'd already been outside (in a diaper!) to watch them.

Saturday January 1, 2011
BabyBro and his lovely daughter at New Years dinner.

This is Cecil. He's a Fur Real cat, that my dad gave to my mom, "guaranteed not to pee or throw up in the floor, not to run away, not to require any vet bils . . . ." He does shed, though. And he's kind of creepy.

LadyKay and #1 hung around visiting for most of the day. Here's Peeper telling her goodbye.

Remember that trip to Target? We found Sesame Street toothbrushes - Bert & Ernie and Cookie Monster. Peeper couldn't choose, so we bought both. I originally planned to bring one home and leave one at Grandma's, but needless to say, we left her well-worn ladybug toothbrush there and brought both of these home.

Sunday January 2
We mostly hung around the house this day, finally showering around 5 pm, then going out to dinner with a friend. The Anonyparents watched the Cowboys on TV, while Peeper blocked their view.

Monday January 3
Peeper and I dropped off a bunch of stuff to be shipped back home, grabbed a few things at the grocery, and then went to dinner with Frappa and #1. He ditched us after dinner, and the girls went out for coffee.

Tuesday January 4
We visited the folks at Grandpa's office, had lunch with Frappa and dinner with some of my camp friends, and then got some big-bye-bye snuggles with Grandma and Grandpa.

Wednesday January 5
After another pretty uneventful flight, we're back home with Mommy!

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