Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Interview 2011

My friend T (Hi, T!) turned me on to a blog called the Happy Home Fairy, written by a woman who has way more time, energy and creativity on her hands than I thought possible for the mother of a toddler. She posts some incredibly cute and clever ideas, some of which are her own, others of which she's found around the blogosphere.

Today, she shared one about interviewing kids about their favorite things at the beginning of each year.

I really didn't think that Peeper was old enough to do such a thing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask her a few questions and see what (if anything) she said.

First, I had to explain to her was "favorite" means (mostly I just asked "What's the best. . . " but I actually got a pretty decent interview out of it.

So, Peeper's favorites, as of January 2011:

Favorite CerealI'm not certain what her first answer was (not Cheerios, though), but when I asked "Did you say Shreds?" she nodded and repeated "Shreds" but it sounded different than the first thing she said. So, I offered her some choices: Cheerios, Shreds (shredded wheat) or Blueberry Cereal (Blueberry Special K, which we ate all week at Grandma's house), and she said "Blueberry." I must concur.

Favorite Thing to Drink
Water - she said "wawa" with no hesitation. I was a little offended, until . . .

Favorite Thing to Eat
She was nursing, on and off, while we were having this conversation. Right after I asked her about her favorite thing to eat, she said "uh (other) side," so I said, "Oh, you want the other side?" and she said, "Uh side bess." I said, "Do you mean that goody is the best thing to eat?" and she nodded yes!

Interestingly, a few minutes later, when I asked her, "Is goody to drink or to eat?" she said "drink." Um, okay.

Favorite Toy

Favorite Thing to Watch on the TV or Computer
"Humhummuh" - that means her DVD of The Year Without a Santa Claus, which we've "said bye-bye to until next Christmas" and packed away. There was some drama about that earlier today, when she asked to watch it, but she got over it when I wound up "walking Santa" (a cute little toy that was in my stocking, but is obviously Peeper's now) and did a live song and dance performance of the Snow Miser and Heat Miser theme songs. She chimes in with "Too much!"

This is actually the only thing she's watched on TV lately (other than one or two showings of Rudolph) so I asked again, specifically, what she likes to watch on the computer. I expected her to say "Elmo" but it was "Humhummuh" again.

Favorite Animal
"Cow!" she said, quite enthusiastically, with absolutely no hesitation. That right there made me glad I was doing this little exercise, because I had no idea she liked cows that much. I totally would have guessed either dog, cat or panda. Oh wait, that's me.

Favorite Color
"Bwoo." This one, I did know.

Favorite Book
"I dunno." She loves so many books, I would have actually been surprised if she'd named a favorite.

I wasn't writing any of this down, so it's possible that I'll wake up in the middle of the night (morning) and remember something else that we discussed, but that's all that's coming to mind right now.

I really wish I'd thought to video it, but it was a rather spur-of-the-moment thing. Maybe we'll do it again tomorrow, with video. It would be interesting to see if she gave the same answers.

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  1. I just printed out the interview last night. Can't wait to hear Katelyn's answers! And I really have no idea where this lady gets all her energy. She needs to let the world in on her secret b/c I don't have half that energy. Love all the ideas she has!


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