Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Artist

Peeper got some regular (washable, non-toxic) and (ditto) finger paints for Christmas and she seems to like them.

And today, I introduced her to Playdoh.


  1. I was a nanny for two children for a year. The older one was two when I started with them, and she loved play-doh. We made a lot of snakes! We did tons of other craft activities too. We went through a lot of glitter glue. She is now sixteen and she still has all the crafts we did, carefully saved in a box.

  2. Hi again, For the fingerpainting, try taping the corners of the paper down so it doesn't slip around. Also, chocolate pudding makes great finger paint. And it tastes really good!

  3. Either with the finger or the brush painting, I was just about to go get some tape when she seemed to get it under control, but I think I might do that next time.

    And, when I first showed her the Play-Doh, I was demostrating what you can do with it. I made a ball and then rolled it out and she said "Wuhm!"

    I'm not sure I realized that she knew about worms!

    Now, she just wants me to make snowmen. Lots of snowmen.


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