Saturday, January 29, 2011

Letter of the Week: A

Tot School
~ Peeper is 27 months old ~

I couldn't wait to get started, so on Sunday night, we did our first A activity - an A is for Alligator craft that I found at No Time for Flashcards.

The background and the A are construction paper, the teeth are foam, and the googly eyes are left over from the reindeer we made at Christmas.

Peeper gluesticked the A all up, then pat-pat-patted it onto the paper. I put down glue dots for the eyes and teeth and she stuck (most of) them into place.

Monday evening, we did another No Time for Flashcards project, a is for apple. I cut out all the pieces ahead of time (Look, I'm learning something, too!) and went with an all-gluing thing, rather than coloring-and-gluing like she did, because I didn't figure Peeper was up to coloring the whole thing in the right colors.

I got a little carried away with I was cutting out pieces, and did lots of leaves and even seeds, but she managed to get them all glued on there. Somewhere.

I'd just about filled up the "art line" anyway, so I scooted everything down and made room to start with the letters from the left side, rather than sticking a couple on at the end. It seemed to make more sense.

On Tuesday, we ate apple peanutbutter oatmeal pancakes for breakfast, and I even got kind of crazy with the presentation.

It wasn't really intentional, but over the course of the day, Peeper also ate an apple bar and about three apple cinnamon rice cakes. In the evening, we shared a snack of apple, cheese and peanutbutter, and I told her about Johnny Appleseed and "taught" her his song.

We also cleaned the house, in preparation for a visit from an appraisor (for the new home equity loan). Yes, I did tell her that "appraisor starts with A" while I was cleaning.

This morning, the "A for Appraisor" came by and whew, we're glad that's over with!

For lunch, I made a chicken salad with apples and walnuts (sort of similar to a recipe that I stumbled on a while back, but as always, I made several changes). Shrike had it on a sandwich, and I had a wrap. Peeper wasn't really a fan, so she had something else. But, she did help me make it, and we talked some more about the "star" inside the apple. 

During the afternoon, Peeper spent some time with the pipecleaners and "puffies" both with Mommy

and with Mama.

(Guess which one of us is the "fun mom.")

This evening, we did some apple art - the idea was that we'd make apple prints, using the star from one half of the apple, and an "A" carved into the other half.

The apples, after printing.

This is sort of what I had envisioned. I have to confess though, that I think all the actual identifiable prints here are ones that I did. Mostly with Peeper telling me where to put them. She, on the other hand, used my carefully carved A to just smear paint all around the paper. Sigh.

Then, we just did some finger painting. And elbow painting. And hair painting . . . .

I actually didn't think about taking photos of the apples themselves until they were already in the trash can. So, of course, I dug them out. As I was hunting for them, I told Peeper, "Look, Mama's a trash digger!"

Well, she got quite the kick out of that . . .

I got this apple match file folder game from Home School Share. Once again, a color printer would have been nice, but this gets the job done.

It's definitely and activity that will "grow with" Peeper, because right now, she likes putting red apples in the red pocket, and green apples in the green pocket, and so on, but the idea of "this pocket needs two yellow apples, and this pocket needs two red and a green" is beyond her.

We didn't have any formal, specifically A related activities today, but we did play in the snow for a good while, and then make hot chocolate.

We also did some matching with our apples, and also with our "circles and puffies" (the pipe cleaners and puffballs). Then we threw the shiny red puffies all over the room, and yelled "Wheeee!" and "Whoooo!" a lot.

This evening, we made an (A is for) airplane out of a toilet paper roll. Well, I cut and constructed it, and Peeper painted the pieces. I got the idea from Dinosaurs & Trains.

Whiile we were working on it, I asked her, "What letter do you think aaaaiiiirplane starts with?"

She said, "aaa, aaaa, aaaa . . . B!"

Well, it's a start.

She painted the airplane, but spent most of the time painting her hands and body, quite deliberately. No harm done.

Here she is, in the tub, waiting (while I took photos) to have a poopy diaper dealt with, before running her bath.

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