Friday, January 14, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Peeper

In the bathtub, playing with the tub-sticky numbers and letters, Peeper picked up two 1s and held them next to each other.

I said "One one. What does 'one one' make?"

(I was thinking "eleven.")

Her answer?


This afternoon, while playing with her bear puzzle (It has interchangable heads, torsos and feet, with different outfits. She says "Trade heads! Trade heads!") she told Shrike that there were "three heads."

This is true, but there are five pairs of feet, so clearly some pieces have gone AWOL.

For shits and giggles, I said, "So, there are three heads, but there are supposed to be five heads. How many heads are missing?"

Without skipping a beat, she said, "Two!"

So, either our barely two year old is doing addition and subtraction, and possibly algebraic reasoning, or she thinks the answer to every "How many . . . " question is "Two!"

What's your guess?

Last night, Peeper burped, so I said, "What do we say when we burp?"

She replied with a fake burp.

Perhaps I should have asked "What do we say after we burp?"

At Target this evening, looking at the list that Shrike had given me, I asked Peeper (rhetorically, I thought) "What kind of toothpaste does Mommy use?"

(We both use Crest, but neither really knows the details of which of the thousand varieties the other prefers.)

She said, "Blue!"

Of course, this conversation happened as I was dialing the phone to call Shrike and ask:

"Hey, I'm at Target. What kind of toothpaste do you want?"

"The blue kind."

Yesterday morning, we were all in bed, waking up slowly, while Peeper nursed. Typically, I'll stay in bed until she's ready to get up, because if I try to go pee or brush my teeth, she makes it quite clear that I was supposed to stay right there and goody her until she said otherwise.

As we were chatting, I told Shrike that I was freezing, because I didn't have a shirt on.

(I'd woken up hot in the middle of the night and threw off my sweatshirt, leaving me in just a tank. Then it got cold again. Our house does this.)

Peeper unlatched, looked at me and said "Shirt. Shirt." She waited quiely while I got up and put my sweatshirt back on, then went right back to nursing.

Shrike and I were talking about something I said, ". . . so they don't think they have to follow Maryland Law," and Peeper said "Meh-yen. Yaw!"

We keep saying, "Hey Peeper - Maryland law!" just to make her say it again, because it's so freaking cute.

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