Friday, December 17, 2010

Wrapper's Delight

Peeper's been working for a while on decorating wrapping paper to use for gifts to our families.

(Not learning to fly a magic carpet, much to her AuntiKay's disappointment, I'm sure.)

I just unrolled some plain brown paper, gave her all the red and green (and one blue - she insisted) crayons, and turned her loose with it.

After they were wrapped, I let her color on them a bit more, to fill in some of the blank spots. These need a little more work after her nap.

She also colored and stickered some envelopes that we'll use to "wrap" the gifts from her. For those, we're also using the gift tags that she decorated at art class.

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  1. Pretty Peeper wrapping paper :) No flying carpet :(


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