Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wooo! Wooo!

So, we were supposed to have this party today, right?

But we only had a few people coming, and then it was rainy and cold and icy in higher elevations, so those who have to cross over mountains cancelled, then we were down to one other couple, and Shrike sister and her kids, so we blew it off.

We're trying to reschedule for next Sunday, but the RSVPs aren't looking too good for that, either, so we're thinking of doing something in January. Lord knows January could use some extra festivity; it's like a month of Mondays.

Anyway, so party blown off, we decided to take Peeper to see this train display that the model railroad club puts on.

It wasn't as Christmasy as we were expecting, but she loved it. She kept saying WOW! WOW! WOW!

We were pretty damn impressed, too.

There were trains at both adult eye-level, and kid eye-level. They provided step-ladders for the kids to see the high ones, but Peeper obviously wasn't doing that. (Must to her disappointment.)

We made one round of the place with her on my "bap" to see the high ones, then another round with her on the ground. Then she asked to get back up, and we looked at some more high ones.

Note to Shrike - You know how sometimes you're annoyed that I'm taking your picture, so you try to dissuade me by making a funny face? It doesn't work.

This whole set is Legos.

In the middle of so many amazing displays with such awesome attention to detail and scale, this was quite an anomaly. The attack of the giant mallards. Notice this duck that's bigger than the geese.

These two are bigger than the deer.

And these are the size of the dock!

Look at the tiny dumpster / recycling bin!

This is not a perspective thing. I am touching the deck of the house. That's how tiny the people are. Check out the girl diving into the pool.



This display is a replica of the actual railway that goes through our town, as it looked in the 1960s. This part is where Shrike walks the dogs on occassion. I've gone with them (pre-Peep) and did not like crossing that bridge at all. Remember this video of the pups splashing around in the water? That's the creek they were in..

There was a whole wall of old toy train sets, behind locked sliding glass doors. I think Peeper tried every single door, just in case.

Ten is pretty much the biggest number she knows, and eight is almost that much, so if there's a whole lot of something, it's "Eight! Ten!"

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