Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sing Along

Between some activity shuffling earlier in the week and the fact that we had a non-Christmasy MOMS Club activity (book club) this morning, I found myself with nothing big planned for today, so as the day went on, and we did a few different "unofficial" things, and Peeper hadn't opened her drawer yet, I found myself thinking "I should go find a clipart for this . . . no, this . . . oh, this would be good!"

We had some unexpected snow, so we went out to play in that for a while, so I was thinking I could put a snowflake in there.

(Note to self for next year: Print a few snowflakes and snowmen, to be inserted if it snows!)

Peeper did a little work on a different portion of her ongoing project, and sat in my lap watching The Year Without a Santa Claus while I finished up a project of my own, with a little help from her.
(Officially, it's her project, but with a LOT of "help" from me. I will post photos after my trip to Texas, because I don't want to spoil any surprises. I've said too much.)

Then, Peeper told me to sit on the piano bench, so I opened up the book of Christmas music and started with Jingle Bells.

Peeper LOVED it. She sang along with me - "Bayulls bayulls-bayulls, Bayulls bayulls-bayulls. . . .HEY . . . Ho Ho Ho! . . . " and played both the big piano, and her piano (with her booty, as usual) and had Singing Santa sing along, too.

We did Jingle Bells and Rudolph and several others, and she just had a great time.

I considered printing a picture of a piano or something, but I just grabbed the singing children that was supposed to be used on Saturday for the music class that we ended up not going to, stuck it in the drawer, and declared it "Christmas Sing Along Day!"

I didn't take any photos, but if we do it again when Shrike's around, maybe I can get some video of Peeper's performance. If only it wouldn't have to include my performance.

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