Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pretzel Treats

By the time I finally decided to actually make my pretzel treats, there wasn't a Candy Cane Kiss to be found in this town. (Probably because I'd already eaten them all.)

When the grocery store didn't have any this morning, I decided to console myself with Hershey's mint miniatures (dark, milk and white (with red and green sprinkles) chocolates, plus mint!).

After I got them home (and ate a few) I thought I'd do a little experimenting, put a half of a miniature on each pretzel, and whaddayaknow, it worked!

The first batch was pretty small, so we went and bought more at Target this evening, and now I think we should have enough to take some to Christmas Eve dinner and still have a few to put out for Santa. I have to make sure we have some for Santa, because I told Peeper we were making them for him!

Oh, a couple of things I figured out while making this. From previous experience, I know that the various forms of chocolate melt at different rates (the darker the chocolate, the longer it takes) so when I had more than a few pieces to work with, I did the white, milk and dark chocolates separately.

Also, with the second set, I put the miniatures on the pretzels with the writing side down, so that they looked smoother and prettier when they melted. And I paid attention when I was adding the M&Ms, and put them on writing side down, too.

She actually did quite well putting the candy on the pretzels during the first round. (Of course, she ate plenty of both, as well.) With the second round, she got bored with it pretty quickly, and got up to play.

Her assignment here was to sort the M&Ms by color. Clearly, this is a skill that we will continue to work on.
"Show Mama your M&Ms!"

The finished product: dark chocolate.

The finished products: milk and white chocolate.

I didn't actually decide to do these until about two minutes before we started making them, so the advent calendar "hint" that was waiting in the drawer was just going to be about reading one of her Christmas books.

After we made them, I realized she'd not seen it yet, so I started looking for an appropriate image to use for this activity. Before I found one, she came in and asked to open her drawer, so I went ahead and let her, totally palmed the paper and said, "Oh, it's a picture of pretzel treats, because we made some for Santa today!"

Give me a break, she's two.

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