Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a very relaxing, laid-back Christmas Day at home, just the threee of us. We started by sleeping in until a little after noon - and yes, we do realize this is probably the last time we'll be able to do that on Christmas for many, many years.

Then we got up and Peeper discovered the gifts that Santa had left out unwrapped. In the living room were a great Elmo chair and a stuff Elmo that's bigger than she is, and of course, there was the kitchen.

The two Elmo things, she totally lucked into. She and I went to the consignment shop on Thursday, trying to find me some jeans (no luck) and she spotted the chair right off. It was $6.99, and the stuffed Elmo was $1.99 and I couldn't resist.

I had a little chat with the cashier, and we left a voicemail for Santa, telling him that IF he had room in his bag, there was a really cool Elmo chair that Peeper wanted, and it was right by our house, so it would be easy to pick up on his way.

(Seriously, I made that call, for her benefit. I don't think she'll be putting two and two together any time soon, but I figured I should cover my "Hey, didn't we just see that at the consignment store?" tracks, just in case.)

When Santa drank his instant hot chocolate, he left some of the goo from the powder in the bottle of his mug. Hours later, Peeper discovered it, and evidently thought it was still yummy.

I made her some hot(ish) chocolate of her own so she'd stop eating that. She called it "coffee."

While she played with Elmo and the kitchen, I worked on making pancakes. With some help.

Apple peanut butter oatmeal pancakes. Almost sounds healthyish, doesn't it?

Every now and then, she'd decide to open another gift, and I'd take a break, and a couple of hours later, they were finally all cooked. By then, we'd all be grazing on them, so we never did sit down together to eat them.

She finally opened her other gifts.

There was a lot of playing, of course.

And some goody.

And more playing.

And eating (sunflower seeds from Mommy's stocking).

And playing.

Did we mention that she got a doctor kit and costume?

And a few other things.

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  1. That's one big Elmo! Love the nursing butterfly - and the litle doctor kit. :)


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